#ThisIsMe - Miss Lino Perros 2019

Terms and Conditions

Internet access is required. You must be an active member on all social media sites in which the contest is being conducted. Entry into the online contest will only be permitted via the method specified by Lino Perros in the social media sites and contest website.

Contest Rules:

Rules and regulations for registrations:
  1. The registration phase will take place in accordance with the time period specified by Lino Perros.
  2. Each participant should have a working and active email ID and other social media accounts.
  3. Each participant should submit their entries as instructed by Lino Perros in the specified time period given. Entries submitted outside of this time limit will not be accepted.
  4. On the registration site, the participant should enter their official names, email, phone number, address and other identifiable information, failure of which will lead to getting debarred from contesting
  5. There will be various tasks per round, and the contestants will be given directions for each task, upon which they will be judged for advancing unto further rounds.
  6. The maximum upload size per image is 10 MB.
  7. The maximum upload size per video is 15 MB.
  8. The final round will be held on ground. Lino Perros will cover travel and accommodation expenses during this period for the selected participants.
  9. Voting lines will be opened online through different phases of the contest.
  10. Each participant can publish and promote their entry on their social pages to get the maximum number of votes.
By participating in this contest, all entrants agree to be bound by these Rules and Regulations. This is an irrevocable condition of entry.